What Is IPTV Exactly?
At its most basic level, IPTV is exactly what its name implies. It’s television delivered using Internet Protocol. In case you didn’t know, Internet Protocol is the electronic language of the internet. It’s the system of sending and receiving data packets by routing them across the internet.

IPTV is therefore essentially the same as TV delivered over satellite, cable, or radio waves. However, IPTV can offer additional features other TV delivery methods can’t, such as instant interactivity, thanks to its internet-based nature.

Isn’t IPTV essentially just like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? This depends on how you define the “TV” in IPTV. In practice, IPTV services offer live streaming broadcasts. Netflix, in contrast, offers on-demand entertainment.

It’s possible to have one service offer both. For example, Hulu offers IPTV channels as a bolt-on subscription to its basic on-demand video service. Therefore, the experience of IPTV is like traditional live television, although the streaming technology is fundamentally the same as on-demand video providers.

What Do I Need for IPTV?
IPTV has more or less the same requirements as on-demand video services like Netflix or Hulu:

An internet connection with enough bandwidth.
A device to run the IPTV App or website (e.g., a custom set-top box, computer, smartphone, smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.)
A paid subscription,

Is IPTV Legal?

IPTV technology is entirely legal, although a few oddball nations may have a problem with it that we don’t know of. Any legal issues with IPTV come from licensing.

Firstly, there are IPTV services that broadcast content they have no right to. These are like pirate TV stations, and whether you pay for them or not, they’re conducting an illegal business.

The Advantages of IPTV

IPTV has several advantages over cable, satellite, and radio broadcast TV.

  • It often lets you watch shows you’ve missed as part of the subscription.
  • The image quality is generally superior to satellite and radio-wave TV.
  • Installation is much cheaper, especially if you already have broadband and a suitable device.
  • It offers more interactivity (e.g., voting on a live show)


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